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Journey into yourself - 

Open Your Eyes

18 - 28 November 2020, Indonesia

Your body and your mind will be given the opportunity to meet your soul again. Your body and your mind will be nurtured so that you will be better prepared to enjoy your rebirth experience, coming anew to the world, coming back to yourself.


Journey into yourself - 

Ignite Your Inner Joy

12 - 22 November 2019, Indonesia

Indonesia, our most beautiful and diverse destination! Dense rainforest, thousands of temples, impressive volcanoes, hot springs, boundless dream beaches...


Journey into yourself - 

Overcome Your Limitations

28 July - 03 August, Caralte Di Cadore, Italy

The workshop is dedicated only for women.

We invite you to travel with us on a journey into yourself. Surrounded by the wild nature of the Italian Dolomites, we will escape from everyday life and become immersed in adventure.


Journey Into Yourself -

Discover Your Inner Strength

23 - 26 May 2019, Falkesalen (Denmark, Møn)

Would you like to acquire more advanced knowledge on how to work with energy and reach higher healing levels? Maybe you are ready for the next level in your Reiki practice?

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