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Reiki Rays is a global community of Reiki practitioners and teachers dedicated to creating a brighter and more aware future for us all using Reiki as a main healing tool. We assist and empower our community members with opportunities for personal and spiritual growth – a wide variety of Reiki articles and infographics, free guided meditations, free e-books, online courses...

Reiki Rays

Przemek Dobak - 

Personal Life Trainer

Przemek Dobak is a Reiki Master, bioenergotherapist and Family Constellations facilitator. For more than 15 years he has been effectively helping individuals, families, companies and organisations in healing themselves, their relationships and dealing with the consequences of events and situations that have occurred in their personal and professional lives. He has been conducting Family Constellation workshops for 10 years in Poland and for 3 years in Copenhagen. Przemek offers individual sessions in Berlin, Copenhagen and Poznan. He also organises and leads a longer session workshops / retreats.

Zuzanna Dobak is a Reiki Master, HR Professional and Communication Trainer. Based on her personal and professional knowledge and experience she can help you and guide you in the areas of energy & bodywork, communication, sexuality & psychological mechanisms. Zuzanna offers individual and group session in Berlin, where she currently lives. She is fascinated by Indonesian culture, she speaks Indonesian and organises journeys to Indonesia which are journeys into yourself.


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