Welcome to Reiki Healing Copenhagen


My name is Natalia and I come from Poland. I moved to Denmark in 2007 and here I found my home - here I discovered my life’s calling, that is helping others by sharing my gift.

I have been working with Reiki for more than 10 years. Today as a Reiki Grand Master and teacher I have the pleasure of introducing others into this wonderful world of conscious healing.

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“Stemming from my own experience with Natalia I can warmly recommend Reiki Healing Copenhagen. Over the course of 4 years with numerous reiki sessions, 1-day systemic constellation workshops and recently a wonderful 5-day constellation workshop in the countryside which was extremely well-coordinated with Przemek Dobak I can only confirm that Natalia is highly professional, respectful, skilled and very engaged. If you are interested in reiki, systemic constellations and energy work in general in a safe space then Reiki Healing Copenhagen is the place. Not to mention the wonderful community of like-minded energy-workers which Natalia has created around her in Copenhagen.”


"I've been coming to Natalia for almost 2 years and everytime since my first visit I have walked away feeling cared for, insightful and with a greater sense of direction in my life. Coming to Reiki Healing Copenhagen has definitely been the greatest benefit to my life."


“I visited Natalia just a few weeks ago to attend to and receive an attunement to Reiki Level 1 after several years contemplating options and feeling the timing. I am very happy to have chosen her to start my journey with Reiki, and there is always space to share extra about other healing modalities and knowledge. I particularly appreciate the effort and engagement into ethics within the practice or channeling this beautiful energy into appropriate and prepared spaces. She also holds Reiki circle regularly for practionners to gather, exchange, learn and share, which is pretty awesome. I totally recommend, wether it'd be for healing treatments or stepping up into the field of Reiki.”


"I joined the Reiki circle one year ago, looking for learning this healing technique and meeting people with similar interests. I found a very warm place, an amazing experience, and since then I joined regularly and I learned the Reiki technique. Natalia is very competent, welcoming, and a great master. I could heal myself and learn how to heal others, and I found a nice group of people to share knowledge and practice together. Thanks Natalia for organizing Reiki circles and for your constant guidance. Highly recommended."


“ [...] I have been going for Reiki Circle in Copenhagen for almost one year, where I learn what means to give and receive Reiki. It is a beautiful experience and it feels great to be part of the multicultural group [...]

Natalie as the person is very kind, but on other hand very professional. [...] Natalie is always very helpful and kind to give me the time for my session that will fit me and my family the best.
I highly recommend this place to everyone. It has always welcoming atmosphere doesn’t matter which level you are and which experience you have .. ❤️you just feel good like arriving home after a long working day .. ... I’m very happy to go there [...]"


“I found Natalia’s Reiki circle during my first month of living in Copenhagen. Since then, I have been attending on a monthly basis, and I am thrilled I found it! Such a lovely group of people gathering for a beautiful cause and friendly chats ❤️ in a sense a little community of like-minded people and Reiki enthusiasts.”


“Natalia is kind and friendly Reiki healer. I met her while ago in Reiki Circle Copenhagen. Thank you for introducing me to Universal life force.


“Reiki Healing Copenhagen is a true oasis for those that want to share and learn about this amazing energy technique.
Natalia has the sweetest and warmest heart to welcome all that wants to share and comes with the desire to help and to be helped. 
Besides that, the Reiki circle has also become a place to meet people with true evolution purposes.
I have only one question as soon as a Reiki session is over... when it is going to be the next one : )
Great work Natalia!”


“I am very grateful that Natalia created such an incredible space, where you have the opportunity to experience Reiki, start your journey of self healing and share this amazing experience with others.

Natalia is a great Reiki master, always sharing her knowledge and experience aiming to help us find our life balance and inner peace .”


“Meeting with Reiki energy is a fantastic experience. During Reiki Circle, every time I experience amazing emotions and look inside myself in a group of friendly people. Reiki is the energy that heals the body, soul and mind, and Natalia is a professional and a master in what she does. I highly recommend.”


“Natalia is a kind and compassionate person and a powerful healer. She has helped me through some major challenges in my life. I have experienced many positive shifts from working with her. Highly recommended!”


“Natalia is really devoted and passionate person, sharing her knowledge and experience as a Reiki master in a safe and cosy environment. You will learn a lot about yourself while giving and receiving Reiki, nurturing this peace in your heart and sharing it with others. A life changing experience.”