Who am I?

My name is Natalia and I come from Poland. I moved to Denmark in 2007 and here I found my home. It was in Denmark, where I discovered my life’s calling, that is helping others by sharing my gift.

In my everyday life I am fascinated by various forms of bodywork and sound healing and I seek to broaden my horizons at every opportunity. Forms such as Contact Improvisation, 5Rhythms, tantra and shamanism make a vivid background of my experience, which I love to integrate into my work.

My Journey with Reiki

I got my first attunement back in 2009. Initially I used Reiki mainly as a tool to support my own spiritual growth. With time life inspired me to share this gift with others. Today as a Reiki Grand Master and teacher I have the pleasure of introducing others into this wonderful world of conscious healing.

Twice a month I host Reiki Circle meetings in Copenhagen during which I encourage Reiki practitioners to develop their knowledge and skills as well as provide a space for beginners to experience giving and receiving Reiki.


Apart from teaching Reiki I offer individual sessions for adults, teens and children and I have experience in working with children with special needs.


Discovering myself

It all started in 2009 when I met my Reiki teacher, Przemek Dobak. First, as a therapist, today as a friend and Reiki Teacher Przemek have been helping me to heal my life, overcome obstacles and discover who I really am. Apart from individual therapy I have been participating in Family Constellations under Przemek for more than 5 years.


This process did not end, it is my life journey to keep learning and healing myself and by doing this, helping others. Today, on top of working with Reiki, I organise and translate individual sessions and workshops/retreats led by Przemek, both in Denmark and abroad. This is my humble contribution to making this world a better place to be.



“Natalia is a kind and compassionate person and a powerful healer. She has helped me through some major challenges in my life. I have experienced many positive shifts from working with her. Highly recommended!”

— Tom Crate

“Natalia is really devoted and passionate person, sharing her knowledge and experience as a Reiki master in a safe and cosy environment. You will learn a lot about yourself while giving and receiving Reiki, nurturing this peace in your heart and sharing it with others. A life changing experience.”

— Morgan Maret

“Meeting with Reiki energy is a fantastic experience. During Reiki Circle, every time I experience amazing emotions and look inside myself in a group of friendly people. Reiki is the energy that heals the body, soul and mind, and Natalia is a professional and a master in what she does. I highly recommend.”

— Radoslaw Misiak