Reiki Healing

Reiki will bring you back to your inner self, that carries wisdom to resolve any issue.

Already after one session your mind will calm down and you will feel relaxed, maybe like never before...

Reiki Circle

Experience receiving and giving Reiki in a casual atmosphere of friendship, positive energy and devotion.

EVERYONE is WELCOME - no previous Reiki experience is necessary!

Reiki Training

Step into the wonderful world of Reki energy healing!

Learn how to connect to universal life force energy and how to utilize Reiki to heal yourself and others. 

Reiki Workshops

Workshops are an irresistible mix of development, joy and contact with yourself and others.


You will move deeper into your Reiki practice, acquire more advanced knowledge on how to work with energy and reach higher healing levels.

My name is Natalia and I come from Poland. I moved to Denmark in 2007 and here I found my home and discovered my life’s calling, that is helping others by sharing my gift.

I have been working with Reiki on a regular basis since 2009. Today as a Reiki Grand Master and teacher I have the pleasure of introducing others into this wonderful world of conscious healing. 

I invite you to try Reiki Healing for yourself!


“I am very grateful that Natalia created such an incredible space, where you have the opportunity to experience Reiki, start your journey of self healing and share this amazing experience with others.

Natalia is a great Reiki master, always sharing her knowledge and experience aiming to help us find our life balance and inner peace .”

— Mariu Abrita

“I found Natalia’s Reiki circle during my first month of living in Copenhagen. Since then, I have been attending on a monthly basis, and I am thrilled I found it! Such a lovely group of people gathering for a beautiful cause and friendly chats ❤️ in a sense a little community of like-minded people and Reiki enthusiasts.”

— Constanza Madrazo



“Natalia is kind and friendly Reiki healer.
I met her while ago in Reiki Circle Copenhagen. Thank you for introducing me to Universal life force.

— Ainis Zibolis

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